Travelbound Black Metal WAA132M

With removable insoles, TravelBound supports custom orthotics to alleviate painful foot conditions. If you’ve been shying away from closed-off shoes because of a painful foot bunion or muscle fatigue, then rest assured because these shoes offer unmatched comfort and room to relax your feet. Crafted with a wide toe box, the shoes offer plenty of room to flex your toes. With amazing breathability, you won’t ever have to worry about foot odor because they allow ample aeration. The seamless interior protects sensitive feet from irritation and provides cushion-soft comfort for as long as you wear these shoes! A5500 Coded for diabetic-friendly footwear Breathable feature promotes aeration in the footwear Deep-toe box offers extra depth and cushion-soft comfort Flexible outsole greatly improves road traction Mesh exterior treats your skin in a gentle manner Removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics and alleviate painful foot conditions Rounded toe box prevents toe-nail damage and improves natural toe alignment Seamless interior to prevent foot irritation and keep them super-comfy Soft uppers to protect skin from footwear abrasions Stretchable structure makes these shoe easy to wear Wide toe box offers room to flex and wiggle your toes