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Fashion trends keep on changing. When one era is about highlights and neons, the other is about embracing glitter. With such dramatic changes occurring from time to time, there’s only one thing that remains timeless—classic leather. Offering you the timeless style through its supple leather exterior, the Propet Marina is a pair of sandals that promises long-term companionship. This pair of sandals is exclusively designed for your daily use and looks extremely trendy with a casual outfit. The Propet Marina is an extremely comfortable pair of shoes. It’s Ortholite Lazy Foam and Cushioning PU outsole keeps your shoe wearing experience light, comfortable and convenient. This pair of sandals is the perfect footwear to choose to maintain healthy and hygienic feet. This is because it features an antimicrobial lining layer, which protects your feet against many feet diseases. The three strap adjustability also gives you a custom fit that improves your maneuverability and overall body posture. Thanks to the wide toe box feature of these sandals, you have plenty of room to wiggle your toes and prevent numbing! Antimicrobial lining offers protection against feet infections Adjustable straps feature for custom fit footwear Wide toe box provides plenty of room for toe wiggling