dynoFLANGE Orthodic Supports

SOOTHE, ENERGIZE YOUR FEET! If you're constantly on the move or standing on your feet, you should experience the DynaFlange® difference. The patented DynaFlange® represents a profoundly new approach to orthotic therapy by dynamically managing motion with every step. DynaFlange® orthotic supports offer unique benefits that treat many common conditions, including: Arch Pain Heel Pain Lower Back Pain Knee Pain Plantar Fasciitis Tired Feet How It Works: Every step you take is a collision between your foot and the ground. DynaFlange® manages, and briefly stores, the energy from those shocks, then returns it to your body each time you lift your heel. Gel inserts only absorb the energy, without returning it to the body. The result is tired feet and overall fatigue. DynaFlange® delivers comfort, spring and improved posture! Everyone can benefit from DynaFlange! Whether you're an educator, healthcare worker, sales associate, police officer, construction worker, student or busy parent, DynaFlange® will provide relief, improve stamina and add spring to your step.